Bat Regulations

Where aluminum bats are permitted, only approved BBCOR stamped aluminum bats in the 15U and above categories will be permitted for use in 2019+

Maximum Differential Maximum Diameter Maximum Length



* Wood or wood composite only

11U None 2 3/4 32"
13U -10 2 3/4 34"
Boys -3 2 5/8 34"
Girls -5 2 3/4 34"
'AAA' * N/A 2 5/8 34"
'AA' * N/A 2 5/8 35"
'AAA' * N/A 2 5/8 36"
Women -5 2 3/4 35"
'AA' * N/A 2 5/8 36"
'AAA' * N/A 2 5/8 36"
Women -5 2 3/4 35"


 The following bat rules were adopted by Baseball Canada for 2017

  • For 13U, 16U Girls, 21U Women and Senior Women National Championships, a max barrel of 2 3/4" with (i) a 1.15 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) or (ii) USA Baseball Model with BBCOR "wood like" BPF is permitted. For the 13U National Championships using up to a minus 10-length/weight differential is permitted. For 16U Girls, 21U Women and Senior Women National Championships using up to a minus 5 length/weight differential is permitted.
  • Some of the aforementioned bat types will likely not be available for 2017; however, this rule still allows bats under the previous rule to be used.
  • USSSA 1.15 and USABB bats will be both approved for play under Baseball Canada rules for the 11U and under categories. This allows for all previous & current 2 1/4", 2 5/8" and 2 3/4" USSSA 1.15 certified bats to be used. USABB bats (with 2 3/4" barrels) will not be available here until 2018.
  • All Post Provincial Championships (Western Canada Championships and Baseball Canada National Championships) for categories 15U 'AAA' and above are wood or wood composite bat only Championships.
  • The U17 Canada Cup Championship is a wood bat only championship.
  • 15U and 18U Girls are eligible to use up to a -5 bat with a barrel no more then 2 3/4 diameter. Girls using bats that are NOT -3 must have them clearly marked (colored tape around handle). Umpires must be notified of this bat prior to the game.
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