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Baseball Development Program

Parkland Twins Baseball Academy offers a comprehensive program focused on developing elite baseball players while continuing to foster a love for the game. Coaches with extensive experience work closely with student athletes on their athletic development and progress.

Athlete development is focused on the six tools of the game:

  • Throwing (arm strength and accuracy)
  • Hitting for power
  • Hitting for average
  • Fielding (infield/outfield defensive skills)
  • Speed
  • Mental game

In each of these areas, the program takes a data driven, evidence based approach of Test, Train, Retest in order to track individual athlete’s progress and maximize individual skill development. Coaches and athletes use this information to set goals and design precise and individual programming to optimize development and help athletes achieve their goals.

Testing and program design for each of the six tools of a baseball player includes:


  • Max velocity
  • Average velocity
  • Accuracy
  • Pitch design
    (age and athlete dependent)

Hitting for Power

  • Exit velocity
  • Launch Angle

Hitting for Average

  • Contact %
  • Barrel %


  • Fielding %


  • Sprinting (60 yard dash)
  • Agility test
  • Reaction test

Mental Game

  • Measured performance in live competition


For more information on training, visit the PSAA website.